non-alcoholic drinks

chinotto charred citrus, herbs, soda 6

house kombucha watermelon, long pepper, rosemary 6

chairman kaga sencha, pepermint, agave, lime 6

wimbledon beetroot, ginger ale, mint, cucumber 6

dill or no dill fennel, white pepper, cucumber, dill 6

ginger smash apple, ginger, mint, ginger beer 8

virgin negroni bitter citrus, aromatised fruit 8


carbonated water 4pp

soft drinks and juice 4

Golden Cobra Organic & Fair Trade Coffee 4

Organic loose leaf tea 4


Mandarin & Star Anise Gin & Tonic 10

House infused West Winds Gin lengthened with Qina Fina artisinal tonic water

Electric Lady Land 10

Homemade rhubarb syrup, Zubrowka Vodka and a splash of soda water

Tom Ford 17

Aperoll, Campari, Punt e Mes Vermouth, Yellow Chartreuse and grapefruit, served fluffy

bloodwood spritz 20

Red Okar, Four Pillars Gin, rose, soda 

Mother Nature 18

Chilli infused dark rum, ginger, fresh lime, brown sugar, ginger beer

Seasonal Bellini 14

Homemade seasonal fruit puree, topped with sparkling wine

Petal Pusher 17

Encanto Pisco shaken with rose petals, citrus and egg white. A fragrant take on the classic Pisco Sour

Geary Boulevard 18

Calle 23 Blanco, fresh grapefruit, organic agave nectar and a dash of grapefruit bitters, served on the rocks

Afternoon Martini 18

Rosemary infused Lillet Blanc and Poor Tom's gin, sweetened with 3 citrus marmalade 

Famous Last Words 18

Ilegal Mezcal, Yellow Chartreuse, vermouth, and grapefruit served martini style

Riced Vovo 17

Pandan infused rum, wild rice syrup, coconut, pineapple, praline rim

Prohibition Fizz 17 

Hennessey VS Congac, DOM Benadictine, apple juice, lemon and soda served tall. Classic refreshment.

Cottonmouth 18

George Dickle Bourbon, apricot brandy, and orange bitters shaken with citrus and served on the rocks

Choker Hold 18

Cynar and george Dickle bourbon stirred down. A bitter kick sweetened with fragrant orange




Local beer & cider

Coopers Light Lager, SA 6

Young Henry's Natural Lager Tinnie, Newtown 8

Young Henry's Newtowner Tinnie, Newtown 8

Rocks Brewing 'Governor' Golden Ale, Alexandria 9

4 Pines American Amber Ale, Brookvale 9  

Willie the Boatman 'Albo' Corn Ale, Marrickville 14

Young Henry's 'Cloudy Cider' Longneck 14



Fancy Cider


Willie Smiths Cider 10

Huon Valley, Tasmania (5.4% 330ml)

Bress Cider 45

Harcourt, Victoria (9% 750ml)

Cidre du Fort "Argile" Cider 65

Normandy, France (3.5% 750ml)


fancy beers


Moo Brew "Hefeweizen" 10

Tasmania, Australia

Contreas "Valeir Blond" Belgian Ale 14

Gavere, Belgium

Doctor's Orders "Zephyr" Double White Ale 16

NSW, Australia

Birra del Borgo "Cortigana" Golden Ale 14

Borgorose, Italy 

Edge Brewing "Noma" Barrel Aged Ale 12

Victoria, Australia

Two Metre's Tall "Barrel Aged" Sour Plum Ale 45

New Norfolk, Tasmania

Brasserie Fantome "Magic Ghost" Saison 21

Soy, Belgium

Alvinnie "Chain Reaction" Wild Ale 12 

Moen, Belgium

Evil Twin Brewing "Molotov Lite" Imperial IPA 16

Kees "Farmhouse" IPA 12

Middleberg, Netherlands

Baird Beer "Japan Tale Ale" Seasonal Brew 11

Shuzenji, Japan

Moor Beer "Confidence" Modern Red Ale 10

Bristol, England

Brouwerij de Molen "Vuur & Vlam" IPA...ish 15

Bodergraven, Netherlands

Kaiju! Beer "Hopped Out Red Ale" Amber Ale 14

Dandenong, Victoria

Beavertown "8Ball" Rye IPA 10

London, UK

Batch "McBatch" Oak Aged Heavy Ale 23

Marrickville, NSW

Hawkers "Innapropriate Touching" Schwarzbier 14

Reservoir, Australia

Brooklyn "Local 2" Belgian Ale 27

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Anderson Valley "Bourbon Barrel Stout" 24

Boonville, CA, USA

Brooklyn Brewing "Black Ops" Imperial Stout 40

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Mikkeller "Til Fra Via" Spiced Holiday Ale 60

Copenhagen, Denmark 



Ketel One Vodka 7

666 Vodka 9

Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka 8


West Winds "The Sabre" Gin 7

West Winds "The Cutlass" OP Gin 10

Hendricks Gin 10

Four Pillars Gin 9

The Botantist Gin 10


Calle 23 Blanco Tequila 8

Calle 23 Anejo Tequila 9

Fortaleza Resposado 12


Flor de Cana 4yr White Rum 8

Flor de Cana 4yr Gold Rum 8

Goslings Black Seal Rum 9

Dimplomatico Anejo Rum 10

Mt. Gay XO Rum 12


Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey 8

Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey 10

George Dickle No.12 Bourbon 8

Eagle Rare Reserve 12

Bookers OP Bourbon 12

Jameson Irish Whisky 8

Ballantine's Finest Scotch Whisky 8


Nikka "Miagikyo" 12yr, Japan 15

Prancing Pony 2nd Edition, Sydney 12

Glenmorangie, Highlands 10

Glendronach, Highlands 12

Lagavulin 16yr, Islay 14

Bunnahabhain 12yr, Islay 14


Campo de Encanto Pisco 8

Hennessey VS Cognac 8

Hennessey VSOP Cognac 11